Inertial Frame
Record Makers
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1Universe Oscillation
2Grossvater Paradoxon
3Axis Of Rotation
4Infinate Density
5Zero Volume
6Twin Paradox
7No Boundry Condition
8Schwarzchild Radius
9Event Horizon
10Chandrasekhars Limit
12Lorentz Contraction
13Gravitational Lense

2LP vinyl repress of Arpanet's 2006 electronic masterpiece! Chiselled electro beats à la Drexcyia eventually intervene and call for a dark and gloomy souvenir of Tangerine Dream meets Kraftwerk and J Carpenter in a futuristic goth melodrama. For Drexciya heads - get on this quick.

In 2006 ARPANET returned with new LP "Inertial Frame". Linked with both Drexcyia and Dopplereffekt camps, no one really knows for sure who ARPANET is. Following on from their mighty "Wireless Internet" on Record Makers set a couple of years back and 2d "Quantum Transposition" on Rephlex in 2005, this album for Record Makers develops their conceptual electronic fragmentation into yet another evocative and mysterious strand of sub-marine electro. Though Inertial Frame serves the usual amount of killer loops, mysterious percussive treads and midnight melodies, Arpanet returns here for our greatest joy with BEATS and - please note the issue held in such an assessment- a whole bunch of fully SUNG tracks. An instantly recognizable tapestry of Motor City soundscaping updated from the most seminal of archives, Inertial Frame TALKS the listener into derivative reflections on quantic physics and pays tribute to the works of 20th century great scientists.