Areliz Ramos
Where To Now?
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1Frio 2:01
2This Track is for you 1:58
3Euduvin 1:56
4Sang 1:59
5Emails 1:37
6Kabal 2:10
7Driller 1:52
8Ava 2:08

Debut album from Peru based and born Areliz Ramos. »Frio« seeks to explore the common reality of isolation and melancholy which exists when stepping away from our roots towards a solo global exploration of culture and place. Recorded between spells in London, Berlin, and Lima, »Frio« attempts to soak up experimental & electronic subcultural scenes within these environments, resulting in a body of work which seeks to connect, longs to feel, and yearns to regain a sense of belonging.

Previously recording under the moniker »Milkshlk« (Female Pressure, Napp), Areliz’s sound shuffles all over the place - from occupying the same deep haze, ethereal, smudged, and downtempo space championed by the likes of Boards of Canada, Odd Nosdam, Seefeel etc, to carrying an unassuming boom bap sensibility and confidence at times, to stepping back and opening widely to experimentation, extended field recordings and tonal subtleties.