Suzanne Ciani
A Sonic Womb: Live Buchla Performance at Lapsus
Lapsus Records
180g vinyl, inner sleeve, 50x70 double-sided limited poster
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1A Sonic Womb Pt. 1
2A Sonic Womb Pt. 2
3A Sonic Womb Pt. 3
4A Sonic Womb Pt. 4
5A Sonic Womb Pt. 5
6A Sonic Womb Pt. 6
7A Sonic Womb Pt. 7
8A Sonic Womb Pt. 8

Suzanne Ciani is a true electronic music pioneer. The five Grammy nominated Italian-American neoclassical composer is unquestionably one of the greatest minds that contemporary music has ever witnessed. After an incredible career spanning forty years, Ciani’s accomplishments have become a benchmark when discussing the origins of musical synthesis. For more than four decades she developed a body of work that transcends the music industry, composing for film, video games and famous advertising campaigns that have impacted popular culture.

On December 14, 2019, after six years of sound experimentation, Lapsus Festival bid farewell to Barcelona’s Centre for Contemporary Culture. Its final event was entitled 'A Sonic Womb' and was dedicated to the musical roots of the synthesizer, with Suzanne Ciani headlining on the night.

Ciani performed an exclusive show accompanied by her modular Buchla 200e synthesizer and enveloped in a specially designed multi-channel sound environment by Intorno Labs. It was a sonic voyage to the very heart of her beloved machine and a tribute to improvisation through an instrument that is said to possess its own soul. Suzanne described the night as ”an improvisation that I began using in the ’70s and continue to use now as raw material. Each performance based on this material has its own expression and one could liken it to jazz."