Evening Chants
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1Samospalenie 6:48
2Tropy 7:22
3Aura 5:50
4Żerowisko 3:45
5Omamy 4:14
6Nora 3:50
7Pożeracz 5:04
8Absorpcja 4:10
9Krąg 5:28

A peculiar recollection of a haunting hallucinatory experience, narrated through spectral harmonies. In what is best described as “horror musique concrète”, Polish multidisciplinary artist and musician Samutek (Mateusz Woś) has composed a 47-minute album that emits a distinctive, hypnotic aura — intricately developed and mastered over the years.

Ingrained with echoes of gongs, chimes, crickets, drones and a plethora of haunted sounds recorded and found, “Omamy” (Polish for “Hallucinations”) is the soundtrack of a phantasmagoric spiral, summoning an unceasing terror usually conjured in cinematic works like Ari Aster’s Midsommar and The Blair Witch Project.

A recent Masters graduate with a thesis on the paranormal, centering around 19th century spirit photography, UFO photography and thoughtography, Samutek continues this expressive exchange through sound. With a towering 31 albums under his belt, “Omamy”, his first official album release on a label, is his most distinguished and fully-formed piece of work to date. Each track serves as distinct chapters in a haunting nine-part anecdote.

The trek begins with an unnamed character engulfed in a metaphysical battle as depicted in “Samospalenie” (Polish for Spontaneous Human Combustion), paralysed with an inability to distinguish reality from an unearthly torment. The title track and first single “Omamy” sets the pace for the rest of the album, as the character eventually reaches the gateway to a tunnel, its walls pulsating with death and desolation. “Pożeracz” (Polish for Devourer), a composition scattered with deformed growls and ceremonial bells, seals their fate. The album ends with a meditative closer, “Krąg” (Polish for Ring) as the character succumbs to this inscrutable creature, with predator and prey transmogrifying into one.

“Omamy” is an invitation to Samutek’s peculiar world of horror storytelling, a result of his personal explorations of the supernatural. Be prepared for a strange and discomforting experience that will leave you spellbound.