Salle D'isan
Morr Music
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morr 017 ep
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1Isan – Days & Later 5:19
2Isan – Bubbles8 0:55
3Isan – Disruptive Elephant 3:23
4Isan – Fullen Brimm 3:26
5Isan – Salle D'isan 0:38
6Isan – Serene Driver 4:13

isan, that´s robin saville and anthony ryan, who met in sunny circumstances in leicester/uk.the term isan stands for "integrated services analogue network", and beside other reasons it reveals their interest in using dodgy old keyboards to make dodgy old noise. but with their new 6 track mlp on morr music even the listeners who are new to the isan network will soon reckognize that the definition of dodgy old noise and analogue synth-sounds becomes a completely new dimension. isan´s music is a kind of ambilvalent thing: simple but pure, noisy but clear, strange but true, to mention only a few. the past of this band was couloured with a bunch of 7"´s, several wide spread contributions, various lp´s (for example on morr music ...) and so on. due to the constant quality of isan´s work it´s not a surprise that they soon got an invitation doing a john peel radio show and an overwhelmig feedback from the music press.

the nme e.g. compared isan a bit to plone and isan don´t really complain about that. they mention being influenced by artists like brian eno, stereolab, autechre, my bloody valentine... - being involved into the isan sound network you´ll drop the name isan equal to their influences to your very best (girl-)friend and/or you´ll find yourself whistling their beautiful melodies on several sunny circumstances as well. another important merit of isan is maybe to completely calm you down because every piece of robins and anthony´s music creates an amazing feeling of being "distant" to every unnecesary thought, so just sit back, relax and let yourself go. the intention of isan to ignore common 4tothefloor dance-patterns doesn´t prevent you from finding yourself on a ship of it´s own rhythmic; sometimes it steames and rolles and later on it just seems to slide over a sea of melodies and all around you things just disappear and fade away...