Various Artists
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1DDAA – Now It's Time Now
2Konstruktivists – Opening Singns
3Ramleh – Black Ark
4Neljan Seinan Jumalat – TV-orgasmi
5Corum – Hecate's Swaying Garden
6CLAIR – Magick Garden Rebirthed
7Jimi Tenor – Ainon Kyynel
8Tasaday – Il Rito
9Odal – Flaming Piano
10Pekka Airaksinen – Untitled

In the 80s, Piitu Lintunen made a punk zine in Finland called Pöly (see its 4th issue on the artwork here). For the »7Ai9« compilation – out on Sähko's Puu imprint – he picked some unreleased gems that were sent to him as demos from the Finland's 1980s underground scene operating between punk, industrial and experimental electronics.

Piitu Lintunen:

»The first idea for this compilation came one night when Tommi text messaged me while I was having a good time with my Raisio-born punk friends. Tommi suggested that I compile an album from my musical history. After considering different directions I went through my archives and found a box of 1980's demo tapes. Some of the tapes were from 1981 and 1982, when we did the punk zine Pöly with my brother Sakke Lintunen. I had totally forgotten about many of them.

A beautiful track from a Nurse with Wound demo turned out to be made by a NWW studio technician that lived somewhere in the Canarian Islands in early 2000. He couldn't be found.

At first this collection consisted only of demo tracks. Then I got a feeling that I want to include some new tracks too.

I asked for a track from Clair whose debut solo is one of my recent favorites. Corumn was another contemporary artist I thought should be there. Jimi Tenor sent me some demos when he moved to NYC in early 1990's. I chose one of those tracks for the compilation.

I learned to know Pekka Airaksinen in the early 1980's. He passed away in 2019. Pekka has a big archive of unfinished songs. His wife Maarit gave me some unfinished tracks and Jimi Tenor made a new track out of them.

DDAA sent me a tape in the 1986's. After I asked one of the tracks for this compilation they wanted to re-record the track. And they did so in a very original style.

Kostruktivists sent me a tape in 1983 while they were recording Psykho Genetica. All 4 tracks from the tape could have been suitable here, but Opening Signs was the one.

Ramleh's Black Ark is a unreleased chapter from the recording of Grazing on Fear in 1987.

All of the tracks are electronic experimentations. In early 80's I did a lot of cassette exchange. It was a way of communication in the punk spirit. Everybody knew each other. Tasaday, Odal and Neljän seinän jumalat (my own project) are examples of the active players of the time.«