Jessica Moss
Galaxy Heart
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1Resistance Creature
2Uncanny Being (Violin Study #2)
3This Continuous Spectrum
4Is There Room For All Of It
5Galaxy Heart
6Light Falls On Every Door
7Uncanny Body (Violin Study #1)
8Enduring Oceans
10Opened Ending

»Galaxy Heart« is the companion album to »Phosphenes« (Nov. 2021) and completes an intensive body of work that Montreal composer-violinist Jessica Moss wrote, performed and self-produced in deep isolation throughout 2020.

»Galaxy Heart« revealing the more exploratory and extemporaneous side of her profoundly expressive instrumental lyricism. Where »Phosphenes» showcased some of Moss’ most deliberate and accomplished post-classical compositions to date, »Galaxy Heart« quivers with a raw and searching energy, juxtaposing rough-hewn and honed pieces. Expanding the palette to include spiky semi-improvised electric guitar along with remotely-recorded guest contributions from drummer Jim White (Springtime, Xylouris White, Dirty Three) and contrebassist Thierry Amar (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) on a couple of tracks, the album inscribes a (mostly) instrumental space of bristling anguish, melancholia, resoluteness and conviction.