Christina Vantzou & John Also Bennett
Κλίμα (Klima)
Editions Basilic
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1κλίμα (Klima) 2:05
2Dwelling 3:52
3Messengers of the Rains 1:09
4Lands of Permanent Mist 3:50
5Jetstream 7:27
6Fields of Aloe Vera 4:12
7El Muelle 2:58
8Take the Hot Route 4:58
9Pottery Fragments 6:50
10Aion Info Point (Digital Bonus Track) 5:45

»Κλίμα (Klima)« is the third album by CV & JAB, the duo of Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett. An assertive step forward in the two artists' investigations into melodic interplay, acoustic processing and field recordings, the full-length conjures the modus operandi of archaeologists searching for unheard soundscapes. Structured as an itinerant mise-en-abyme, »Κλίμα (Klima)« summons worldwide submarine circuits and tropospheres populated by sudden findings and progressive re-encounters - hazy dreams amalgamate with mosaics of reality.

Catalyzed by a 2021 invitation to perform at the UNESCO world heritage site Santuário Bom do Jesus do Monte in Braga, Portugal, the music of Κλίμα (Klima) then fermented across a period of two years, during which live experiments, cyclical studio sessions, and travels across the Island of Tenerife’s effervescent ambiences gradually contributed to its completion. It is on the volcanic island that the narrative core of the album materialized, prompted by a month of recordings across the radically different microclimates populating the landscape. CV & JAB’s flashing transpositions from desert to rainforest are evoked over ten tracks operating as an abstract audio-guide of the outer and inner realms permeating the pieces.

»Κλίμα (Klima)« is conceived as a rhizomatic composition rather than a sequential excursus; percussion, refracted voices, chirps and gurgles, other-worldly synthetic winks, reverberated piano chords, and yearning flute circumnavigations all surface sometimes in solo, sometimes synchronically to eventually dissipate again. The remote and enigmatic atmospheres that characterized previous CV & JAB albums acquire an intimate intensity in the solo piano excursions - »Klima« and »Lands of Permanent Mist« - and a penetrating emotional resonance with the instrument’s flirtatious entanglements with JAB’s bass flute on »Dwelling« and »Pottery Fragments« or with CV’s flickering plasma voice in “Jetstream”.

Suggesting timeless wanderings in ambient études and classical minimalism, the album deploys as a mirage, inducing listeners into a contemplative state through mellifluous repetitions and offshore sci-fi inflections. The palpable depth of the recordings bestows each track with a distinctive density and presence: sounds and chords materialize and dematerialise as landscapes at which we gaze, half-asleep over a long journey. Ten sips of a familiar rapture which ooze a renewed sense of expansion in sound, informed by more than five years of CV & JAB’s continuous sonic wanderings and wonderings together.

The labyrinthine and meteorological odyssey becomes tangible in the artwork, realized by the duo’s long-time collaborator Zin Taylor, mind and hand behind their two previous albums’ covers. »Κλίμα (Klima)'s« simulacra evokes a map in which curves transform into a score with ›small systems of differences emerging side by side‹.