Kala Brisella
Endlich Krank
Späti Palace
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1Braun Oral 3:28
2Flächen 3:39
3Endlich Krank 4:09
4In Meinem Innern 4:40
5Im Quartier 4:50
6Planet 0:59
7Immer Neu Immer Fresh 3:14
8Der Schlaf Auf Meinen Augen 2:54
9Alles Zerreisst 2:10
10Kids 4:21
11Wenn Du Sprichst 2:17

This Berliner post-punk three-piece boasts the kind of live show any band would work years to achieve: noisy, controlled, driven and absolutely rocking, post-punk noise at its best. The album was recorded by Tadklimp, known more for his electro-acoustic wizardry on records by Mother Of The Unicorn, Fenster, Slow Steve, Oum Shatt and Saroos than for recording noise-rock. It was mastered by Ralv Milberg (Die Nerven, Karies, Human Abfall), who had also worked on their previous "Bilder" EP on Coszma Records. Between them both they have fashioned a unique sound on this debut album which we think will be our best release to date.