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WARP267LP / Includes Download Code
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1Cherry Blossom Road 1:27
2Bewley in White 4:26
3Puffer 3:42
4Cluster at CWM Einion 1:35
5London Planes 1:23
6It Was Willow 2:02
7I'm Rewinding It... 4:15
8Looking Through the Facets of a Plastic Jewel 2:27
9Wet Flakey Bark 4:40
10Bewley in Grey 1:39
11Teleidophonic Torch 0:59
12Puddled in the Morning 3:01
13At the Chase 1:44
14Cantaloup Carousel 5:52
15Lakeside 3:37
16Bewley in Red 0:49
17Poplar Avenue 5:20

Bibio's celebrated debut album released on Warp for the first time. The reissue marks 10 years since the original release of Fi.

"The tracks that make up Fi were recorded in several locations spanning 1999 to 2003, the oldest being 'Cantaloup Carousel', which was originally recorded in my tiny room in my university halls of residence in Wood Green, North London, recorded with a cheap plastic microphone, a budget sampler and a cassette deck.

"My approach back then was trying to make layered guitar compositions, inspired by Steve Reich's 'Electric Counterpoint', but the lack of professional recording equipment (or knowhow) led to this lofi sound - a sound which started to feel like a signature and one I started to feel quite excited about, something of my own to build upon…

"It's such a great feeling to see this album finally come out on Warp 10 years after its initial release. My younger student self would have been blown away."