Michel Magne
Musique Tachiste
2018 Repress, incl. 10 pages booklet
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1Mémoire D'un Trou 2:42
2Self Service 1:34
3Carillon Dans L'eau Bouillante 2:25
4Méta-Mécanique Saccadée 2:05
5Pointes De Feu Amorties Au Dolosal 3:34
6Larmes En Saule Pleureur 2:40
7Concertino Triple - Mouvement 1 (Rire)6:41
8Concertino Triple - Mouvement 2 (Prière)5:00
9Concertino Triple - Mouvement 3 (Amour)3:00

As the debut release on Finders Keepers new experimental/jazz/avant-garde imprint, Cacophonic release the first in a series of rare records by French experimentalist Michel Magne. One of the very earliest full-length French concept albums - part radical manifesto, part pantomime. This anti-intellectual "physical" reaction to the bourgeoning musique concrete movement combines found sounds and industrial noise with piano jazz alongside imposing avant-garde orchestral elements alongside Magne's own hammered cimbalom flourishes. This unique debut LP also provides an early insight into a fruitful soundtrack/conceptual jazz career collaborating with Jean-Claude Vannier, Martal Solal and Artie Kaplan as well as founding the French Strawberry Studio at Château d' Hérouville where French groups like Magma, Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine and Ange shared a diary with Terry Riley and Pink Floyd.

As a dedicated producer of thematic composition, anti-intellectual experimental performance and modern jazz, Magne was also a well-respected pioneer of France’s signature film score sound of the late 60s. Part radical manifesto, part pantomime, his self initiated debut Musique Tashiste was conceived, in part, as a physical humorous reaction to the bourgeoning musique concrète movement by combining found sounds and industrial elements with piano jazz alongside imposing avant-garde orchestral elements. Marking a stylistic cross roads where the likes of Egisto Macchi, Harry Partch, Rolf Liebermann, Igor Wakhevitch, overlap work of future collaborators and understudies like Jean-Claude Vannier and Martial Solal this LP is an essential forefather of European conceptual pop made at the start of a career that later furnished France with one of its most important residential studios (Chateau d'Herouville) and a discography of challenging LPs before his untimely suicide in the early 1980s.

Presented here for the first time since its initial humble pressing in its unabridged entirety complete with its collectable illustrated sleeve art this LP stands as the perfect debut release and musical modus operandi for this new archival imprint.