Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung
Musik für animierten Tonspurfilm
Sub Rosa
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1Gunther Nagels 6:11
2Graceful 4:35
3JB's Bag 2:06
4Akzelerator 5:45
5Cinema 3:58
6Wolkenkrabber 2:38
7Moody Shuffle 4:40
8Guillermo Brown 4:01
9FKR 2:10
10Lockdown (Totaal)4:23

"Musik für animierten Tonspurfilm", the twelfth album by Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung (or DAAU, as they are commonly known), is the soundtrack to a series of short, abstract animation films by Rudy Trouvé, who also acted as a creative director during the recording process.

The music originates from acoustic improvisation sessions by accordionist Roel Van Camp, clarinetist Han Stubbe, double bass player Hannes D'Hoine and percussionist Jeroen Stevens. These took place according to conceptual guidelines set by Trouvé. Sometimes the starting point was a play on words or a random chord sequence, sometimes a specific atmosphere, but the playing field was always kept deliberately limited. Hence, the musicians were forced to build a musical structure with minimal means. The result was cut on cassette, after which the Antwerp enfant terrible - Rudy Trouvé-, known from his work with dEUS, Kiss My Jazz, Gore Slut and I H8 Camera among others, happily hit the tracks with a virtual sledge hammer. DAAU's pieces were cut up, sampled, drastically restructured and pasted together again, a method that had been applies earlier on the retrospective album 'Hineininterpretierung' (2017). On top of that audio collage, the musicians added new electronic layers, using a digital accordion, synths, digital bass and marimba. DAAU says: 'On the soundtrack, like on the older record, we were looking for a symbiosis between an acoustic and electronic sound. And there too we messed around with dub and Krautrock references'.