Croatian Amor & Varg2TM
Body Of Content
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1Tears Take Forever (feat NikkiH2OP) (feat NikkiH2OP)
2CRCroatian Amor & Varg2TM – Honey (feat Vallmo) (feat Vallmo)
3Track 3 (feat Charity SSB & Exploited Body) (feat Charity SSB & Exploited Body)
4No Stars Above Before Like A Million (feat NikkiH2OP & Matt Bye) (feat NikkiH2OP & Matt Bye)
5Olimpia (feat Olimpia & Alberto) (feat Olimpia & Alberto)
7Numbers Stumbling / Falling Wont Kill A Bird (feat NikkiH2OP) (feat NikkiH2OP)
8For Us (feat Jeuru & CTM) (feat Jeuru & CTM)
9Fluffy (feat Lyzza) (feat Lyzza)

The fourth piece in Varg²™ and Croatian Amor's ongoing collaboration embraces the novel unions and arrangements of our digital world.

Whether thought of as patchwork, medley, or chorus, 'Body Of Content' brings together a long list of accomplices from many places in the world. NikkiH2OP, Vallmo, Charity SsB, Exploited Body, Alberto, Olimpia, CTM, Jeuru, Matti Bye, and LYZZA are brought into a united congregation. An asymmetrical body rises.

'Body of Content' is made almost entirely as an email collaboration. A product of a year of lockdowns, it can be thought of as a coping mechanism given form, yet it could be heard as proof that meaningful creative collaborations will persist in times of global crisis. These exchanges stood in for movement between continents, countries, and regions, tracing a network that feels uncanny for its playful communication at a distance.

As a reflection of the real life of screen life, there's a new kind of 'we' that is being intimated with every interaction. It's a frontier that contorts. It's infinitely reciprocal, and the plasticity of assemblages are prized. Fluidity persists, if only because that is all that will. Movement changes with new stitches undone, and all work is play.

Across nine tracks, each artist's contribution sums to an album with a strangely luminous hue. Human and uncanny, the delicate foley of virtual worlds is coupled with a palette of vocal treatments that braid the vocal cords to our new platforms of communication.

Beginning with 2018's 'Body Of Water' EP, and then following with 'Body Of Carbon' and 'Body Of Lila,' each of Varg²™ and Croatian Amor's serialised collaborations have brought different aspects of our hyper-compressed present into a spirited frame. Exploited Body's additional production work, including mixing and mastering duties, caps the many-armed exercises of 'Body Of Content.'