PML Beatz
Pedra de 800 Kg
Príncipe Discos
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Edition of 300 copies, hand painted sleeves
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1No Cubau 6:44
2Manganza 4:39
3Pedra de 800 Kg 2:36

Of Cape Verdean and Angolan descent, brothers Lisandro (20) and Ivan (22) are no longer producing physically as a team but currently exchanging ideas from their respective homes in Portugal and Luxembourg, this being one of the countries where Portuguese have traditionally sought a better life.

"Pedra de 800Kgs" is a heavier adaptation of a motivational expression their father used when the kids were having trouble with something: "That's easier than lifting a 500 kg rock". You might sense the heaviness on the deliberately distorted bass tones and everlasting drone on "Manganza". This is about laying out a heavy heavy sound, sure, plus the title track delivers a magnificent, warped, kuduro punch, updating the continuum with an abstract, fast, elastic, dancefloor-designed tune.

Back to "Manganza", dancers perhaps congregate around the whistles that punctuate the track, but these are more closely connected to the rhythm in the tense 6-minute broken techno of "No Cubau", a journey through layers of groove that, though tense, gently carry the listener from take off to landing with zero alienation.

Theirs was a long process initiated in 2010 when they were barely entering the Teen Age, still too young to persevere with the software. Fast forward to 2017 and, because the drive was still present, they approached childhood buddy and neigbour DJ Bebedera for serious lessons. Even more natural because PML could actually hear him through the walls blasting fresh sounds every weekend. Go pro.