Hands In The Dark
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HITD 070
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1La Dance Des Ombres (Live for Sufi Dancers) 32:41
2What Does A Lake Dream - (Live at Azores) part I 4:39
3What Does A Lake Dream - (Live at Azores) part II 3:47
4What Does A Lake Dream - (Live at Azores) part III 11:57

Mondkopf, the brainchild of Paul Regimbeau, returns to Hands in the Dark with ‘Waves’, five years after his label-debut ‘How Deep is our Love?’. The French producer’s 9th album features two time-stretched, profound analog-textured pieces based on the physical and emotional swaying motion suggested by its title and recorded during some concerts played in the summer of 2019.

The first track was performed at a secret gig in the Vincennes woods in Paris, accompanying a group of Sufi dancers lead by Rana Gorgani, as part of a video project curated and filmed by Vincent Moon. It offers some powerful harmonic drones, subtly building up and flourishing with intensity, accompanying the dancers as they push themselves to their limits.

The second piece, which extends the cosmic and lofty encounter, was played as the live soundtrack for a short documentary 'Volcano: What Does a Lake Dream?' by filmmaker Diana Vidrascu, as part of the Walk & Talk festival in Ponta Delgada, Azores. Mondkopf's composition serves here as an adventurous and reliable guide through three parts, perfectly complementing the vibrant imagery of the sea and volcanoes found in the Portuguese archipelago.