Head Boggle
Spectrum Spools
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1Fluorescent Star 1:48
2Analog Banjo 0:40
3Harpsichord Rococo 3:49
4Digital Disco 1:07
5Moon Age 2:31
6Ambiantemusique 4:04
7Dream Diary 1:42
8Basso Profundo #9 1:10
9Big Box of Evil 3:09
10Wassermusic 7:38
11Ni 1:18
12Europa Astrobiology Lander 3:31
13Moon Village Valances 3:44
14Serge Demo and Synthisized 1:20
15Rain of Crystal Olivine 3:19

Recorded at his apartment studio, "Headboggle" is the manifestation of Derek Gedalecia's acoustic/electronic research utilizing the "kitchen sink" in every sense of the idiom: Moogs, Harmonica, Banjo, Harpsichord, Irish Harp, EMS Synthi, Violin, Drums, Clavinet, Serge Modular, field recordings and more! What makes "Headboggle" so special is the careful arrangement of sound, with painstaking attention to composition and sound direction. Disorienting magic is a key trait of the Head Boggle sound, one which captivates and commands repeated inspection. Like any great focused album effort, there is a narrative arc - from the introductory "Flourescent Star" with it's dizzying, fractured crackle and bizarre piano float to the tension packed, information-overloaded squabble and squawks of the "Dream Diary" and "Europa Astrobiology Lander" tracks. "Head Boggle" is a dedicated and devotional effort - one with precision and prodigious vision.

Equal parts Francois Bayle and Tod Dockstader in the best possible way, it's still hard to pin such a multifaceted talent to any kind of descriptor. Derek has been honing his sound for years with loads of releases on almost every essential tape and CD-r label out there. Here we have his finest set of compositions yet in hi-fidelity, tight and tediously packed, forming his most concise release to date. The Head Boggle debut has raised the bar for classical electronic composition with the greats, a feat of rare occurrence.