Trans Am
Sex Change
Thrill Jockey
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1First Words 4:14
2North East Rising Sun 4:45
3Obscene Strategies 3:45
4Conspiracy of the Gods 4:33
5Exit Management Solution 1:05
6Climbing Up the Ladder (Parts III and IV)3:30
74,738 Regrets 3:50
8Reprieve 3:38
9Tesco v. Sainsbury's 2:52
10Shining Path 4:09
11Triangular Pyramid 6:41

After 2004’s Liberation Trans Am exploded and abandoned Washington, D.C. for three different continents. With Nathan Means in Auckland, Phil Manley in San Francisco and Sebastian Thomson splitting time between London and New York internal contact was primarily electronic but for a handful of live shows. With two years’ of separation fueling them, the band began in June 2006 on a program of sporadic rendezvous, reconvening briefly on several continents to work on what would become the most joyous and upbeat rock album of Trans Am’s chronicle. After the release of Sex Change Trans Am toured the world including appearances at Thrill Jockey’s 20th Anniversary parties and a run of shows with TOOL.