Andrew Oda
Back To The Body
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1Home There (Wound) 6:00
2Descend Knot Bind 14:02
3Song Of Absence 3:00
4Song Of Ache 4:20
5Tender Ebbs 5:45
6Cbttb (Attunement) 4:49
7Song Of Seeking 4:27
8Ascend Thaw Gush 12:35
9I Forgive You, I Forgive Me / Trust That We Are Held (Womb) 16:25

The journey from trauma to healing and understanding inspired Andrew Oda’s beautiful new album: »Back To The Body«. More delicate and plaintive than his previous work, but no less adventurous in its broad palette of synthetic and acoustic sounds, this music is the topography of a descent into the wisdom of the body, “as frightening and unsafe as it may feel” as the composer puts it. A sweet piano, a gently plucked guitar, and a mournful cello sit alongside garbled synth melodies, rustling field recordings, and sweeping cosmic backdrops throughout, a mimic of the counterintuitive harmony of sensations that meet the traumatised body.