Ant Orange
Right There
Karaoke Kalk
Includes Instant Download
Kalk 105 EP
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1Right There 8:36
2Drunk In The Trunk 4:14
3Let That Sink In 2:58
4Comfort Zone 4:02
5Muscle Beach 3:00
6Rudis Goes Offline 3:42
7A Frozen Lake 2:42

Ant Orange's third 12" for Karaoke Kalk forms something resembling a trilogy for the label. "Right There" is built on a familiar Rhodes-n-bass aesthetic, combining the lo-fi jazz of 2017's "Arkupe" with the soulful vocal motifs of 2015's "s/t", while introducing more electronic ingredients and taking an increasingly exploratory approach to rhythm and composition.

The opening title track clocks in at over 8 minutes, growing slowly from soft tickled keys to a full-bodied groove circled by airy synths and fragmented RnB vocals. "Drunk In The Trunk" then shifts down a gear, looping another vocal cut over a lazy, stripped-back wahwah vibe. Side A closes with experimental jazz skit "Let That Sink In", its jerky tempo and flashes of light reminiscent of a late-night subway ride.

The B-side takes a more contemplative tone, with the meditative arpeggios and sparse drums of "Comfort Zone" leading into the dusky West Coast stroll of "Muscle Beach", before "Rudis Goes Offline" picks up the tempo for a last shimmering dance. The closing track "A Frozen Lake" sounds just like it sounds - chilled by name and by nature.

The completion of this trilogy marks a turning point in Ant Orange's sound, but that's all we can say for now – stay tuned for more. In the mean time just sit back and enjoy the sublime vibes of “Right There”.