T. Gowdy
Therapy With Colour
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180g vinyl, 12”x24” art print poster
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1GOWDY, T – Therapy With Colour
2GOWDY, T – Depse
3GOWDY, T – Up Ctrl
4GOWDY, T – No Wave II
5GOWDY, T – Excavating Air

Therapy With Colour is the superb Constellation debut from Canadian producer and sound artist T. Gowdy. The music on Therapy With Colour is indeed meditative, but in a resolutely contemporary and highly engaging way. These tracks steer clear of gauzy New Age tropes, slow-moving drone, or environmental music. Consistent with theories of “mind machine” brainwave synchronization, they involve techno-adjacent pulse and rhythm that reward active listening, while working co-equally as dissociative concentration music.