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RSD 2017, white vinyl
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1Black Box (Deadbeat RMX)9:00
2Direction Eclipse (Universal Vacuum Mix by Pilocka Krach)4:43
3Träume 3:06

The Berlin based artist OFRIN from Israel released her wonderful album "Ore" on Albumlabel in 2016. Now, Albumlabel debuts with the 10" single vinyl format with three tracks that are linked to this working period.

A1 contains a long and deep dubbing club remix of her song "Black Box" by Berlin/Canadian DEADBEAT. The original appeared on the album as outstanding special arrangement excluding any clear drumwork. But swimming on such a strong rythmic pattern out of chords and puls that leads into a clear hypnotic piece of music. OFRIN's majestic voice could not be crowned better by music. DEADBEAT is following this lead adding his unique touch of up to date club and dub productions.

The B Side opens with a wide open minded ambient mix by Berlin producer PILOCKA KRACH. Her version of "Direction Eclipse" uses the song title as a map for music that tumbles in the direction eclipse.

Finally, B2 is OFRIN's cover version of the song "Träume" that has been famous in the version by FRANCOISE HARDY in 1970. She already sung the song in a French German accent - untouchable, cool, destroying and charming. This feeling is now taken by OFRIN with a kinda different accent into 2017 and is strongly moving on co-producer Marco Haas aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE. His work is the perfect stage for OFRIN’s, modern, now, analogue, digital.

This release is the first limited 10" by Albumlabel created for the record store day in April 2017.