Kassel Jaeger & Jim O’Rourke
Wakes on Cerulean
Editions Mego
Japanese CD version on KYOU Records, incl. bonus track
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1Kassel Jaeger Jim O’Rourke – Wakes on Cerulean A 17:19
2Kassel Jaeger Jim O’Rourke – Wakes on Cerulean B 17:03

Timely outing from two grand masters of exploratory electronics. Kassel Jaeger is the moniker of French musician François Bonnet who works at the GRM and has released a number of books including the highly regarded The Order of Sounds, A Sonorous Archipelago published by Urbanomic in 2016. Jim O’Rourke is known to most through his explorations of the song and shapes, the high and low, the east and south.

Wakes on Cerulean is a joint adventure where process folds upon process and the operation of procedure remains unknown. Amongst a mysterious cloud of excited high frequencies tiny whistling howls. Frog leaps in technique lay out a thrilling and uplifting journey that runs from the soothing to ecstatic and back to the buoyant again.

Wakes on Cerulean is a staggering feast of the joys found in electronic process. A malleable bubble of hovering excitement, melody and joyous refrain.