Mecánica Clásica
Danza Sin Nexo
Abstrakce Records
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1Mantra De Felpa 4:25
2Una Dimensión Nítida 5:08
3Danza Sin Nexo 6:15
4Diseñado Con Un Fin 5:10
5El Mundo Se Vacía De Cosas 4:56
6Reliquias del Futuro 6:02
7En Otra Ocasión 5:54
8Nova 4:11

A new mutation on Mecánica Clásica's sound, preserving the essence of previous works: ambient inspired by electronic pioneers such as Craig Leon, K. Leimer, Marc Barreca, Jon Hassell or Cluster. Continuing with their contemporary update of these sounds, this new delivery evolves to more rhythmic tracks, oriental influences and percussive sequences that bring it closer to leftfield vibes, with a wide range of textures and details that appear and disappear. The title of the album "Danza Sin Nexo" refers to this: a rhythm that forms and deforms without an apparent link, but ends up forming a coherent whole.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Mecánica Clásica.
Mastered by Colin Potter.
Artwork by Guillermo Cerdá.