Staś Czekalski
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1Prawdziwy leń 1:47
2Pogoda ducha 3:22
3Koniec lata 3:23
4Dim Lounge 2:58
5Bardzo krótka przygoda 1:11
6Zamek 2:42
7zegarek 1:55
8Mini Farmer 3:51
9Muzeum Ewolucji 2:58
10Koniec lata (reprise)1:51

The title of Staś Czekalski’s debut translates as »Adventures.« It’s fitting for an album that invokes feelings of exploring, roaming, ambling through bustling cities and changing seasons, around castles and swaying fields, down the pixelated paths of old computer games, and all the way home.

We get the sense of being on some carefree yet critical quest, with Staś taking on the role of narrator as much as composer. Part fable, part Moomins, part seek and you shall find, these boppy, wide-eyed and reflective tracks set imagination in motion.

These are sonic adventures in a more literal sense too, at once quietly bold and intricately arranged. Bouncing around a playful gamut of references, from the whimsically lo-fi electro-acoustic pop of Anne Laplantine through trip-hoppy bedroom ambient and indietronica, Staś sets this blend twinkling with his singular form of magical thinking.