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Thrill Jockey
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1Metal Maze
2Magenta Machine
7Metal Maze II
9Melting Menace
10Magma Skull
11Mica II 4:02
12Mad Moon

Thrasher is the soundtrack to a virtual reality video game about a creature that has a life cycle that traverses different psychedelic realities. Thrasher was composed and performed by Brian Gibson, bassist of Lightning Bolt. It is the follow up to the acclaimed best-selling game and soundtrack Thumper. The central character in Thrasher is a giant centipede like creature, so Gibson employed a lot of melodic sequences that resonated well with its segments moving through space.

Says Gibson:
“I grew up playing some of the earliest video games, Pac-Man, Space Invaders on an Atari 2600. Due to the limitations of those graphics they were extremely abstract games compared to today’s games which are just trying to simulate reality in the highest possible detail. I prefer games that make their own reality. I’d like to be transported as far from this one as possible… like Pac-Man, when you play it, it’s obvious what you are supposed to do, it makes its own sense.”

The soundtrack has the drive you might expect knowing Gibson’s work in Lightning Bolt combined with complex melodic structures that are absolutely irresistible. In addition to bucking the hyperreality trend in gameplay, Gibson’s DIY ethos and warehouse culture roots permeate the entire soundtrack. He says it best: “Thumper has that combination of psychedelic and iconic that takes me back to the Fort Thunder days. Thrasher is a further exploration into some of those motifs.” We recommend that you play this record VERY loudly.