Donna Regina
Star Ferry Rmx
Karaoke Kalk
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kalk #15-lp
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1Star Ferry (Remix By Isolée)6:39
2Star Ferry (Remix By Micha Mayer)7:05
3Star Ferry (Gold Version By Donna Regina)2:31
4Star Ferry (Out Of And Back Into - Remix By Wechsel Garland)4:16
5Star Ferry 4:05

donna regina's star ferry (on last year's 10inch pool, karaoke kalk #9) was a little hit in the sight of the friends of the band. so the very idea occured to us to release this 12inch. we invited a few kind guests, to show us their point of view towards this song. a bit later, also a donna regina release later, here at last are the tributes plage". in all his charming manner he gives an ample evidence what a straight bassdrum stirs in an atypical surrounding. m.mayer is famous as musican, remix-artist, dj and - mr. workaholic - associate of the cologne based kompakt-store/label/distribution. he shaped star ferry to a delicate, resilient piece. regina janssen's voice moves like a bluer cloud in a lucid sky of music. wechsel garland, well-known for wunder (karaoke kalk #7), contributes with his remix of out of and back into a moody piece of music. in superior style against all rules! donna regina rounds itself off. besides the original version - their star ferry gold mix tickles the palate with even more beauty. a real ear-opener.