Xiao Yun
Purple Garden
EM Records
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1Purple Garden 紫楽園
2Sweet Dreams 甘美的夢
3Green Island Serenade (Oriental Jazz Mix) 緑島小夜曲
4Purple Garden (Ambience Mix) 紫楽園(環境楽奏版)
5Bamboo Christmas 竹楽聖誕節
6Ye Lai Xiang (Deep-Relax Mix) 夜来香

Here is a hidden gem from the 90s, a sparkling cyber-ambient-Mandarin pop collection produced by Henry Kawahara, the master of cyber-occult music, with silky vocals from Shanghai-born vocalist Xiao Yun Wu. Originally released on CD in 1994 on Kawahara’s own HMD label, the Xiao Yun project was launched by Kawahara and his trusted colleague Keisuke Oki, who plays keyboards on the album. Kawahara handled the production, along with guitar, keyboards and programming. And of course, the crowning glory is the voice of Xiao Yun: lovely, floating, ethereal. The singer arranged the songs, which range from versions of previously released Kawahara solo pieces to Mandarin pop classics. All songs are given Kawahara’s cyber-occult sheen, which may evoke visions of the cosmopolitan Asia of near-future science fiction.