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1Gliding 3:31
2Masterpiece 4:11
3Berlin City 4:22
4MC Chubba x DJ G.SERVE at Twen FM skit 0:31
5Bah Fangoo (AGF rmx)3:30
6Great 4:05
7Innocent 3:11
8A F****n´ Car Skit 0:47
9So Dazed (AGF rmx)3:24
10Nanie In The House Skit 0:06
11Mom & Wife 3:27
12RQM Skit 0:50
13Lempapa 4:18
14Gazon Gazolina 4:01
15Flexible Cat 5:12
16Me Shoes Skit 0:36
17My Friend 3:27
18Asso Skit 0:45
19Mess (AGF rmx)3:02
20Bye bye Skit 0:06

Quio is a Berlin-based MC, singer, and performer who started MCing in 1997 as MC Looney Tunes. This is her first full-length album, and her second release for AGF Producktion. She performed with drum n' bass and hip-hop DJs in Berlin and throughout Europe, going on to meet DJ G-Serve from Audiotaxi and DJ Christine Lang. Quio is also a part of a radio show on Berlin's former pirate radio station TWEN FM. Quio met AGF (Antye Greie) when they both performed in a club, and various collaborations followed. In 2003 they started Quio. AGF and Quio have put together their different herkunft, to come up with some unique new combinations of hip-hop lyrics and experimental electronic beats -- mixing drum n' bass MC rhymes with anthem-like sad tracks. Between walking to playgrounds, talking to mothers, saving babies from being driven over, spoon feeding, clothes washing and food shopping, Quio has compiled an album full of eclectic combinations -- uptempo beats and sweet, melancholy tunes; two-steps and Greek string guitars; heavy metal and electroclash. Quio wants to be misunderstood and taken unseriously. She will break unbearable content into amusing snippets of new sense, or break up nonsense while replacing them with playful clichés. Her ability to MC along with a vast array of breakbeat music such as drum n' bass, U.K. garage, hip-hop etc. has gifted her with both twisted and profound lyrical content. Guest artists include 15 year-old singer Lise, Dr. Dee, AGF, Audiotaxi, Daddy Jotka, DJ G-Serve, MC Chubba, Dr. Data, and Lempapa.