Dreams Top Rock
Karaoke Kalk
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kalk cd-23
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1Oo4 0:08
2Time For A Lie 4:52
3Noise Academy 5:09
4Ps 1:27
5Flageolea 4:24
6Have You Seen Jill 4:47
7Hello Shadow 3:58
8Difference Machine 4:30
9Time (Catharsia Mx) 4:56
10Log 5:56

the cologne based moniker return with their 4th album after their highly acclaimed last album "bit sand riders" on german electronica label mille plateaux, that featured remixes by artists such as mogwai, atom heart, lee ronaldo, high llamas and matmos amongst others. the new album is pluramon's most accessable work today and features the voice of "twin peaks" actress julee cruise. the songs on "dreams top rock" have a powerfull, yet almost melodramatic "wall of sound" impact that at points almost drifts away to return with a darker, even more striking song. "for a lie" might remind you older folks of rock-bands from the early 90s with a sound of today. the work for the album was very extensive and the collaboration between julee and marcus was intense not to say manic, if you know what we mean. but we`re happy to present this kicking result as their first release on karaoke kalk. the man behind the scenes, marcus schmickler, is well known in a lot of different contexts related to electronic music, let it be techno, improvised music or even classical music and needs no further introduction (if so, check out the additional info). as well as earlier pluramon albums featured appearances of guest musicians by jackie liebeziet (can) or jan werner (mouse on mars), "dreams top rock" features musicians julee cruise, kevin drumm, marcus schmickler, jochen rueckert, hayden chisholm, felix kubin and keith rowe.