Mecánica Clásica
Filtraciones de Luz
Abstrakce Records
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Edition of 200 copies
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1Distancia Nunca 4:16
2Yacimiento 6:07
3Filtraciones De Luz 4:54
4Progresos Del Retroceso 3:33
5Plan Universal Racional 5:15
6Inclinación Para Mantos De Caliza 4:32
7Retrocesos Del Progreso 5:34
8Agua Estanca 2:52

Finally a vinyl edition of the first release by Valencian electronic experimental band Mecánica Clásica. Originally released on cassette in 2019. Eight tracks of early electronic experimentation, meandering rhythms, minimal modular ambient passages and bleeping synth sequences. From Cluster to Craig Leon, from K. Leimer to Marc Barreca.

A journey to the inner reaches of the sound modulation.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Mecánica Clásica.
Mastered by José Guerrero at Plataforma Continental.
Artwork by María Gea