Joel Van Droogenbroeck
Images Of Flute In Nature
Bonfire Records
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1Great Valley
2Magic Adventure
3Plaine Du Jura
4Forest Spirit
7Magnetic Blues
8Electronic Jungle

Brainticket was an obscure Krautrock band born out of a 60's jazz group featuring Belgian born keyboardist Joel Van Droogenbroeck, based in Switzerland. The leader went for a fortunate solo career after the former group disbanded, reaching a cult status especially in Italy with a series of sought after libraries. Released in 1978 on Cenacolo, Images Of Flute In Nature is pure magic translated in music. Conceived by Joel with a little help from vocalist Carole Muriel (an American performer already involved in Brainticket and Drum Circus), the album is literally a deep connection between kosmische music, ambient and ethno-global rhythms.