Alexandre Bazin
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1Therapy 4:34
2I Wish I Was 4:24
3The Headphonics 4:08
4Facing the Shockwave 5:31
5The Human Codex 3:24
6Stratosphere 3:58
7Touch Trigger 3:20
8Before it Disappears 4:58
9Untitled Exit Music 3:11

»Therapy« is a new experimental electronic music album by Alexandre Bazin that explores musical reasearch on the edge of ambient music, with a reminder of classical music. His instrumental music revolves around sonic textures, saturations, feedback, allowing new fragments to emerge to create melodies, timbres and tone colors. The saturated sounds recall the presence of the electric guitar, encompassing orchestral materials and acoustic instruments which are the basis of this album, with the exception of the first two tracks, which are solo synthesizer pieces, the first one that opens the album is a solo by Synthi A, and the second by Buchla Music easel.