Paul Frick
I Got Through EP
Kalk Pets
Includes Instant Download
Kalk Pets 20
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1I Got Through 7:13
2Shoot And Roll 8:36
3Into The Void 5:22

Paul Frick is back with another massive EP on Kalk Pets. I GotThrough is his third release for the Berlin producer on the vinyl sublabel of Karaoke Kalk and with it Frick has delivered another quality record. The 3 track EP kicks off with title tune "I Got Through" which is a prime slice of jazzy house. Divine house beats and jazzy synth licks are interspersed with a spoken word monologue by Crawford, which succeeds in giving it that personal touch. The pace picks up on B-side opener "Shoot & Roll", a funky tune with disco leanings. And this fine EP winds to a close with "Into The Void", which is appropriately more down tempo and so provides the perfect closing number for the 12-inch. The I Got Through EP has something for every moment: chilled house to warm up, prime time disco grooves and even a down tempo track to close with. Recently hyperactive with Brandt Brauer Frick, Paul Frick proves his versatility with a freshly inspired and directly bumping record. It is another proud addition to the Kalk Pets catalogue.