One Instrument
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1Mir (Voice)6:21
2Stress (Voice)3:39
3Pokoi (Voice)3:20
4Fabula (Voice)3:00
5Detstvo (Voice)3:15
6Vremya (Voice)3:12
7Zametki Naturalista (Voice)2:59
8Grustno (Voice)2:06
9Leto (Voice)2:40
10Zerkalo (Voice)3:11
11Sneg Tol'ko Snitsya (Voice)2:11

One Instrument presents Galun's new album, composed by Russian artist Sergei Galunenko, who currently resides in Estonia. Titled "Golos" (meaning "voice" in Russian), the album reflects Galun's belief that the voice is the most crucial musical instrument, with each individual possessing a unique one.

Galun's project relies solely on his voice to create all sounds, using beatboxing and special vocal skills, with some effects added to create electronic sounds. The resulting music spans genres such as beats, techno, bass music, ambient, and experimental performance.

For an extended period, Sergei has been composing music using only his voice, seeking to replicate electronic music with his vocals. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with electronic sounds and the unique sounds created by synthesizers.

The album showcases Galun's exploration of ambient music, beyond the traditional beatbox genre. The track "Mir" (meaning "peace") is particularly meaningful to the artist, evoking a desire for peace amidst ongoing global crises, wars, and disasters. Galun wishes for a fair and harmonious world with nature and society, where all chaos is sent into a black hole.

After several releases with bands, composing for television, and collaborating with other artists, Galun has now gifted us with a beautiful, emotional, and deeply personal album.