Hate in My Heart
Les Albums Claus
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1Us Falling 5:16
2A World Under Ours 4:11
3Inforate 3:05
4Adeline 4:20
5Hate In My Heart 2:33
6Kelp & Current 6:01
7Leviathan 3:55
8Restart 4:01
9Dizzy Ideas 2:35
10Hope In My Heart 4:58

Presenting ten experimental/ambient compositions performed live in a living room in 2017 with a Buchla Music Easel, and some pedals, then edited.

"I’ve felt more and more anger and frustration over the last few years. I set up a little mini-studio in my living room where i could make drones and noodle around while looking out the window. I thought of it as a way to meditate and to create something in a time when it felt kind of pointless to create anything. This tape is a collection of moments from those hours of recordings, edited down and adorned a little…" - Jimmy Tamborello