Colin Andrew Sheffield
Don't Ever Let Me Know
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1Don't Ever Let Me Know (Charms) 23:24
2Don't Ever Let Me Know (Bliss) 23:24

»Don’t Ever Let Me Know« is Sheffield’s first solo release since 2018’s »Repair Me Now« (Glistening Examples) and is a work in a similar mode to that album in that it comprises two lengthy pieces of multiple movements and moods. For this new work, and as a kind of ode to his late father, Sheffield has employed samples entirely taken from (or inspired by) the city in which both men were born. In this way, the sounds have been utilized as a kind of shorthand for the specific subjects at hand. The two audio assembla ges, meanwhile, mirror the ways in which loss and memory are processed – with both melancholy and wonder in equal measure: at once beautiful and confounding.

Colin Andrew Sheffield (b. 1976, El Paso TX) is a composer whose work is focused on the recontextualization of samples derived from various commercially available recordings – generally those taken from his own expansive collection of records, tapes, and compact discs. Conceptually his output is akin to plunderphonics-style sound collage, though aesthetically it is seemingly closer to soundscapes of ambient drone. Since his earliest recordings from the 1990s, his work has developed into a kind of hybrid of the aforementioned approaches.