Daniel Padden
Ship Chop
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1Various Saints 3:55
2Flared Up By Love 1:52
3You Have Crossed 33 Rivers, But Please Return 1:56
4Trust In His Deceptive Charm 1:15
5Dancers' Reverse 9:03
6Rattling Belt 3:26
7Belly Of Parchment 7:28
8War In A Battle Song 2:00
9A Cow, For Example 3:27
1017 Leaves In The Low Register 2:13
11It Is Impossible To Avoid Birds 1:40

Ship Chop is a celebratory cut-up of far-flung musics. Edited, collaged and re-arranged by Daniel Padden from original vinyl sources to create impossible collaborations between musical ghosts.

It is both reverential and sacrilegious, giving the music its full praise whilst also subjecting it to playful subversion. Some of the editing is obvious and transparent, but some of it much less so, where sounds from different recordings and continents overlap into an unlikely whole.

Daniel Padden is a member of The One Ensemble and Volcano The Bear, and also creates music for theatre and film.