Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Remastered)
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Gatefold sleeve in PVC wallet, poster
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1Metronomic Underground 7:54
2Cybele's Reverie 4:43
3Percolator 3:47
4Les Yper-Sound 4:05
5Spark Plug 2:30
6OLV 26 5:42
7The Noise Of Carpet 3:06
8Tomorrow Is Already Here 4:57
9Emperor Tomato Ketchup 4:37
10Monstre Sacre 3:44
11Motoroller Scalatron 3:49
12Slow Fast Hazel 3:53
13Anonymous Collective 4:33
14Freestyle Dumpling 2:00
15Noise Of Carpet (Original Mix)2:00
16Old Lungs 2:00
17Percolator (Original Mix)2:00
18Cybele's Reverie (Demo)2:00
19Spark Plug (Demo)1:29
20Spinal Column (Demo)0:55
21Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Demo)2:00
22Les Yper Sound (Demo)0:53
23Metronomic Underground (Demo)2:00
24Percolator (Demo)1:01
25Tomorrow Is Already Here (Demo)2:00
26Brigitte (Demo)2:00
27Motoroller Scalatron (Demo)1:48
28Anonymous Collective (Demo)2:00

1996 studio album, remastered from the original tapes. "While their previous work explored motorik’s horizontal momentum and the aspirational levitation of exotica, ETK was something different. Like Talking Heads’ Remain in Light or LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled debut or Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War, the album consolidated international movements into people-pleasing new forms of funk. Its 13 tracks matched polyrhythms to political slogans with results as electrifying as the needle-on-the-record/tornado-on-the-horizon cover art the Groop nicked from a 1964 Béla Bartók LP cover." (Pitchfork).