Un Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi
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1Palazzo (part 1)20:36
2Palazzo (part 2)16:28
3Palazzo (binaural mix - headphones only)48:34

Domotic − the alias used by musician Stéphane Laporte − composed and mixed this new album, Palazzo, at the invitation of Ina GRM, and it is a wonderful addition to a career full of projects and numerous releases. Recorded with his favorite analog synth, the SH01, his four-track MT4X and a Copicat tape echo unit, this electronic piece was subsequently mixed in binaural and stereo.

Palazzo is a bedazzled dreamful walk along which Domotic gleans pictures, snapshots, stories and materials, which he connects like a film maker. The narration is tortuous, as if it were to reveal his course, his thoughts behind each sound, each breath, each step.
First of all the mineral, the gait, the rhythm go with the aleatory; a singing bird, a rustling forest building the space and making everything imperceptible to the ear. Then the sources mix up in a controlled swarm like so many contemplation cycles, ever-evolving worlds. And always coming up in the way: worrying beats, the body that stiffens. The changing environment brings our senses to a boil. Domotic liberates, reroutes and recreates himself in his melodies. Eventually his intentions become clear in more resonant buildups: he turns into an architect. Like the final level in a video game, his Palazzo always presents you with more mysteries. From the grandiose geometry of clammy rooms to the elegant minimalism with which mirror games and reflections deform space, from tiny nooks to big ballrooms, the trajectory is deceitfully old-fashioned.

Each new perspective is unsettling, each glimpse gives a new twist to reality. The limp develops and disappears, the design shows, bright and clear, and the Palazzo reveals itself to be once more luxuriant, spacious, gleaming and lyrical.