André Uhl
Every Step Causes a Crack
Natural Sciences
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1Every Step Causes A Crack
2Monitor View
3Fly High
4Do You Have What It Takes
5Faking It The Whole Time
7Always Forward
9When It Comes, We'll See It Coming
10You're Fading Away
11Out Of Town

Recorded on the edge of Berlin in a semi-deserted building complex formerly used by the East German Sociality party, André Uhl's debut on the label taps into the spectral frequencies of the space and the ritual practices of recording.

Created in isolation amongst this decaying structure and surrounded by lakes, dense forestry and the sounds of boars and unknown wildlife outside, Every Step Causes a Crack is a title that reflects Andrés connection to the environment around him and the death or glory stance of the artist, with field recordings, electric doom synthesis and lurching drum tracks temporarily fracturing the darkness before being pulled back through the void.