kiCK iiiii
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1In the Face 0:46
2Amrep 2:56
3Chiquito 3:08
4Estrogen 2:44
5Ether 4:04
6Fireprayer 3:55
7La Infinita 4:49
8Músculos 5:22
9Pu 2:36
10Sanctuary (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto)3:09
11Tierno 3:44
12Crown 4:38

In 2022, she wanted to enter a new era, Arca tweeted last November. A few weeks later Arca dropped four sequels to their album »KiCk i« from 2020. They take up the themes dealt with in the first part. An actualisation & expansion of a universe of multiple realities and identities in four acts.

»KICK ii« is surprisingly clubby, there is a lot of dembow and reggaeton in these rather raw tracks, even in a piece like »Luna Llena«, which is actually an artpop ballad at its core. The part ends with the hyper-pop piece»Born Yesterday«.

»KicK iii« turns the second part' club sounds towards Deconstructed Club, synthies are spectacularly overdriven, effects form sound cascades. The bass drums can hardly be restrained at times. Imagine a DJ set by Kelman Duran and Squarepusher, you're not even close. Perhaps the strongest part of the series.

»kick iiii« begins contemplatively, with sounds that also characterized parts of Arcas's visionary debut album »Xen«. The collaboration with cellist Oliver Coates fits into the picture. Further features follow: With Shirley Manson, Arca the change of gender identities is described as a cycle, Planningtorock sings of "tears of queer power".

»kiCK iiiii« is the ambientish conclusion of the series. With lots of piano, in one track contributed by Ryuichi Sakamoto. The post-digital operetta pop of Arca's untitled third album can also be heard once again. »kiCK iiiii« is an elegy and the impressive conclusion of a series whose scope only proves that the album format was perhaps always too narrow for this artist.

»Crown« is the name of the final track. The four new Kick albums are just that: the crown on the (so far) work of a queen.