Sana Shenai
Warm Former
Les Albums Claus
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1Lemonlark Meadows 7:58
2Aumbea 5:04
3Wizard A Baby 5:10
4Worm Farmer 4:07
5Sana Vera 3:20
6Humid Beings 7:34
7Mock Rhino 3:07
8Bir Capri 6:28
9Frozen Host 5:12
10Auroren 6:11
11No One Was There To Confirm 14:19
12Laqua 4:28

Los Angeles-based duo SANA SHENAI began in 2009 when their Dublab radio-affiliated ambient quintet Golden Hits went on hiatus. Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel, The Postal Service) and Mitchell Brown (LAFMS, Sun Araw, Sissy Spacek) have since amassed a mountain of material culled from 10 years of home recording. In late 2018 the 5-song digital EP "Forewarm" was released by Leaving Records, which now joins seven other pieces on this physical debut double LP for Les Albums Claus, "WARM FORMER".

Brown reveals: "We initially set out to make oddball minimal techno using 50's-80's musique concrete studio techniques and modular synthesizers. This almost happened, perhaps best exemplified by the cut "Humid Beings", but even by the first session's end we'd given in to the open-endedness of our gear, jamming entirely different stuff." Warm Former's sound palette is vast with plenty of almosts and could be's, hosting shape-shifting polyglot sound-field games to investigate, decipher and redecipher. Tracks "Frozen Host" and "Laqua" might be considered uncanny and reminiscent of memories not quite your own. "No One There to Confirm" is the moody melodic sprawler that heavily features both Serge and Buchla synths. Wonky, splicey 1/4" analog tape loops are hiding all over this album but are definitely the stars on "Wizard A Baby". "Worm Farmer" might be the most accessible tune, falling near the crossroads of motorik 70's krautrock and the sprightlier side of Tamborello's own Dntel catalog.