Bruno Spoerri
Musiques Légères (1976-1982)
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BioVinyl, incl. obi
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1Prince Karl
2Improvisation electronique 1
3Summerau Dance
4Hot Roots
5Improvisation electronique 2
6For FD

The fourth Bruno Spoerri release in the WRWTFWW discography, this time focusing on the Swiss legend’s unheard jazz catalogue.

»Musique Légères (1976-1982)« offers a marvelous blend of easy listening jazz, joyful synth improvisations, and soulful funk ballads, a testament to Bruno Spoerri’s multifaceted talents and ability to approach various genres while keeping his very personal and very magical touch. Among the hidden gems on the carefully curated collection is the immensely catchy »Prince Karl,« an undeniable hit that truly deserves to be heard.