Erik Wøllo
Abstrakce Records
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 300 copies
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1Tide 1 4:10
2Entrance 2:43
3Totem 4:45
4Vapor 3:30
5Ceremony 6:01
6Tide 2 5:59
7Discovery 7:04
8The Change 4:56
9Little Dream in Turquoise 4:24

A limited edition of 300 copies of this 1985 masterpiece, remastered and presented in a renewed artwork. Berlin School synth sequences, American minimalism vibes, new age and oriental influences, guitar-synthesizers, genius arrangements... A masterpiece exploring the emerging MIDI technology of the time. A transportive selection of calming ambient soundscapes punctuated by glassy synth work and meditative drum patterns.

Acclaimed by many, Steve Roach himself said: »I heard Traces on vinyl back in the early 80s. It is still one of my top 10 albums. There is just an elegant, efficient, and emotional quality about it that just holds up like it was created today. A truly timeless piece of beauty.«

Recalling the »Traces« times, Wøllo explained: »I quit all the bands I played in. I wanted to work on my own using the modern electronic studio as an instrument, like a painter with his oil canvasses. I wanted to make a music that had expansive synthesizer textures and sequencer patterns, layered together with expressive melodic electric guitars. Working with depth, time and space. In those years in the early eighties the studio technology was new and revolutionary, and I wanted to explore all the new possibilities. To be able to control the infinite variations of electronic sound, using an endless palette for creative expression«.

Finally, a YouTube comment about the record that we enjoyed: »This sounds like vaporwave before vaporwave had anything to be nostalgic over«.