Rezo Glonti
1 For One
One Instrument
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Edition of 40 copies
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1I Guess It's Not Yet Li (Teenage Engineering OP-1)2:01
2Pastiche (Teenage Engineering OP-1)2:56
3Allegedly (Teenage Engineering OP-1)1:34
4Lina (Teenage Engineering OP-1)3:38
5Net Variations (Teenage Engineering OP-1)3:54
6Random Requiem (Teenage Engineering OP-1)1:52
7Sacrificial Anode (Teenage Engineering OP-1)3:26
8Dr. Eric Last (Teenage Engineering OP-1)2:12

Rezo Glonti (aka Aux Field), Georgian sound artist and electronic music producer debuts on the label One Instrument with an album entirely made with the Teenage Engineering OP-1.
He mostly works within the field of experimental music and places a strong emphasis on the incorporation of texture and space into his compositions.

On his new album “1 For One” Rezo Glonti created all the layers of the pieces in one take. As always, Glonti’s playing is deceptively elegant, raw but precise, attuned to resonance, radiance, and negative space. The record spans a range of emotions and moods and the result acts like a decaying memory, brief shining moments of clarity fighting against something unclear and untethered.

The various combination of layers perform with both a distinguished efficacy and unhurried dreamy drift—charged and beautiful, pulsating and pleasing. The production is subtle and tasteful.