Karaoke Kalk
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kalk cd-08
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1Leet 1:17
2Muner 4:02
3Riger 2:36
4Tifft 3:50
5Unser 2:51
6Wanter 4:24
7Tobing 4:35
8Nugita 4:06
9Jeaning 4:11
10Stinner 4:27

the hausmeister's new album is OURS (unser). ours means something to share or to share something. ours is just the opposite of me myself and my - as in selfishness, but as in loneliness, too: ours life, ours thoughts. hours of pleasure. our friends, our family, our house. or simply our music. ours describes a relationship. coincidential also the ending of it. to come apart. to part company. ours is something we share. even if we beg to differ. the creation of ours is tied to a certain moment of communication. the hausmeister's ours doesn't dare to speak. but his music does. and so his ours is an ours for all of us: together with the hausmeister, but also an our of you and me both.