Suso Sáiz
Nothing Is Objective
Music From Memory
Gatefold sleeve
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1Suso Saiz – Meccano
2Suso Saiz – Anti-stress For Babies And Families
3Suso Saiz – Con Los Ojos
4Suso Saiz – Abrazo Mirando
5Suso Saiz – Mexican Bells
6Suso Saiz – Grounded
7Suso Saiz – Minimal Distance
8Suso Saiz – Una Voz
9Suso Saiz – Objective Void
10Suso Saiz – Dulce
11Suso Saiz – Healthy Digestion
12Suso Saiz – Scrub Your Ego
13Suso Saiz – Forma Horizonte
14Suso Saiz – Frogs In Love
15Suso Saiz – From Memory
16Suso Saiz – Nothing Ends 2018

Spanish ambient and New Age composer Suso Saiz deepens his relationship with Music From Memory with the release of a new album, Nothing Is Objective. This joins 2017’s Rainworks as his second full-length album for the label, following archival collections of solo music and of his group La Orquesta De Las Nubes.