Pan American
For Waiting, For Chasing
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1Love Song 7:24
2Are You Ready? 5:02
3Dr. Christian 5:36
4Still Swimming 1:47
5From Here 5:52
6The Penguin Speaks 5:52
7Amulls 9:43

For Waiting, For Chasing was originally issued in a limited pressing by the Stefan Ne´meth (Radian) curated Mosz label in 2006. This is the first time it is being made widely available in north america and elsewhere, and also the first time it is being issued on the vinyl LP format. As Mosz eloquently stated at the time of release, “ is not about the process or the media, which have been used. It is about how elements and structures are put in a detailed relation to each other, ending up in a slow-moving, breathing organism. Filaments of percussive elements condense to polyrhythmic elements, layers of sound, instruments and field recordings merge to build up a mystic parallel, not so much fictional world.” Perhaps the most skeletal and minimal of all of the works in the Pan•American canon, it may also be the most compelling.