Wir Sind Blumen - Remixes
Kalk Pets
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1Wir Sind Blumen (Grinser’s Immer Weiter Edit)8:16
2Wir Sind Blumen (James Din A 4 Unkerich Rmx)5:28
3Wir Sind Blumen (Jda4s Rumpelritter Rmx)4:42

after junction sm's debut 12" (kalk pets 6) kalk pets is now looking forward to the release of its third remix 12". One season after leichtmetall released their album "wir sind blumen" on karaoke kalk in summer 2006 follows its complying tool. grinser tinkers about with an excellent mix feat. a wonderful squeeze-backing by max loderbauer who in the past has made quite a splash on cadenza as one half of n.s.i. a blissfully playful track with a furious break. dennis busch aka james din a 4 is responsible for the other tracks: unkerich rmx is a real groover with a smashing wind section whereas the rumpelritter (rumbling knight) mix lives up to its name, getting giddy included. reminds a little bit of the very early profan releases. gorgeous!