Archaic Vaults
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1СД3УГИШ 3:13
25Г7ЛИТВ 5:03
30МЭЩК32 3:21
41ЛХСН4Д 3:47
5МЦО21Пь 6:19
7Д5ДБ1ТТ 3:51

How can one navigate recorded music in a world of online streaming monoliths and incessant skipping and pausing? What does it mean to experience the physicality of sound within the growing sentiment of ‘background music’ and manufactured playlists? Here, L’vovna turns a magnifying glass upon the acousmatic. Mainly having operated on the experienced phenomena of live performance works within architecturally bleak and barely visible environments, L’vovna as a solo recorded output lists just one physical-only elaborately packaged cassette on DJ Valentimes’ experimental sibling-label to Puppy, Mineral Resource (Paupers, Panderers, Proud Posessors, 2021).

The textures, spatialised loops and synaesthetic hallucinations conjured inside these seven tracks are a manifestation of the next cycle in L’vovna’s sonic forays. These minimal sketches are an exercise in singular ideas standing up on their own, rather than being amongst a crowded room inhabited by electronic music’s familiar tropes such as heavy layering and arrangement. The tone can be at times haunting and at others profoundly beautiful, often in the same moment.